Joyful Journey: 10 Essential Steps for Having a Baby

Are you having a baby and need advice? You have come to the right place! Who would have thought that peeing on a stick could bring a person so much joy, especially if the long-awaited double line appears? Most moms take the first few weeks to relax, get excited, and process the news. Although, if you’re anything like me, you’d start preparations immediately. Let’s start to find out what to do when you find out your pregnant.

Why Start Early?

There’s no specific reason to start preparations early other than wanting to. Some soon-to-be moms prefer to work out every tiny detail, from delivery costs to what diapers may cost 12 months. Maybe it’s just me? I doubt it, though. Starting early, secretly, of course, will help any new mom have the ability to face any challenges that her pregnancy might throw her way. Although announcing the pregnancy within the first trimester is not recommended, that’s no reason for new parents to keep the preparations at bay. 

Tips for When You Are Having a Baby

9 Months of pregnancy in 6 easy steps! Let’s take a look at the things you may forget! 

Step 1: Make a Doctors Appointment

Yes, this is early. Finding out you are having a baby is a joyous occasion, so to ensure no premature celebration, it’s best to book an appointment with your doctor to confirm pregnancy. Although not something a new mom wants to think about, ectopic pregnancy is possible and equally dangerous. An early doctor’s appointment will put you at ease, guide you forward, and prepare you for what happens next. Your doctor may do an internal or external scan to confirm implantation. Your doctor will also urge you to quit any bad habits such as drinking, smoking, and the well-loved caffeine! 

Step 2: Education, Education, Education

It’s really important to learn about your pregnancy, the symptoms you may experience, and in which trimester, as well as possible complications that may arise and how to prevent them. Keeping your body safe and healthy will ultimately ensure you birth a healthy baby; read up on all the dos and don’ts, keep your fridge free of processed goods, and enjoy the journey. Morning sickness may have you feeling down, but once you start reading up on how to take care of your pregnancy, you’ll also find natural smart tips like drinking ginger ale for nausea and that belly binders are a waste of money! 

Step 3: Drink Your Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins suck. Yes, they’re important, but they still suck. There’s no fun in waking up every morning just to swallow some pills, but what if I let you in on a secret? Although prenatal vitamins are only required during pregnancy, they aren’t really for your baby; they’re for you! 

Your little bean takes all the nutrients, blood, vitamins, and minerals it needs directly from your body and the food you eat, so the prenatal you drink essentially replaces everything your baby takes. They keep you healthy and going so that you can take care of your pregnancy.

Step 4: Go to All Necessary Appointments and Testing

During your pregnancy, usually around 20 weeks, the doctors will thoroughly assess your pregnancy and the baby’s progress. They generally test for chromosomal abnormalities and genetic mutations to determine your BabyBum viability. 

Many moms opt not to have these tests done, as they say, it won’t change their mind about keeping the pregnancy or termination. This is perfectly okay, although having the tests done will tell new parents what to prepare for and give new parents enough time to educate themselves on their soon-to-be baby. 

Many moms who are raising children with Down syndrome say that, although they would still choose to keep their pregnancy if they knew, they wish they had testing done so that they had time to prepare for the challenges before the little one comes. 

Step 5: Create your Birth Plan

By birth plan, we mean the basics! Your birth plan should include some of the following vital information: 

  • Labor preferences: List the labor choices you will make, including natural delivery or intervention plans such as administering an anesthetic for pain relief.
  • Delivery preferences: The labor and birth plan should contain your choices about the medical background at positions that will be ready where everyone can be present during the labor and any additionally needed medical interventions.
  • Pain management: State your desire for special pain reduction approaches during labor that can range from massage, bringing techniques or medical methods of pain relief.
  • Monitoring preferences: List the details of what type of monitoring would be suitable during labor, whether intermittent or continuous.
  • Cesarean preferences (if applicable): If a cesarean birth is on the table, discuss your choices of anesthesia, partner participation during this procedure, and any preferences you may have about the surgery.
  • Postpartum preferences: Recognize your wishes for early postnatal care and have them documented, which include skin-to-skin contact, consultations, and breastfeeding initiation.
  • Newborn care: Enumerate your choices for newborn care practices, including eye ointment, vitamin K injection, and screening tests.
  • Emergency situations: Share your opinions on emergency deliveries, such as caesarean births, newborn resuscitation, or emergency medical interventions that may occur suddenly.
  • Communication preferences: Identify what should be communicated to you during labor and delivery and, if critical situations arise, how you should be involved in making decisions.
  • Flexibility: Make sure to mention that you are prepared for the uncertain nature of childbirth and ready to adjust your birth plan per the doctor’s instructions and out-of-the-ordinary deviations.

Step 6: Enjoy the Rest of Your Pregnancy

The best thing is to become your pregnancy superhero with a calm attitude and your favourite cravings always at hand. Once your baby appears in your happy family, you must change your lifestyle and some things you thought about earlier. Consequently, do your best as a starting point, give intentional time to the thoughts of who will be dealing with certain issues post-delivery, and treat yourself to your favorite TV show episodes.


Having a baby is indeed one of the greatest blessings in the universe. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too early. Be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into, read everything you can, and head into motherhood with a clear mind and a healthy body. You can now start by knowing what to do when you are pregnant. 

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