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Planning the Perfect Newborn Photoshoot: Tips for Stunning Pictures

Newborn Photoshoot, Baby Girl Laying with a Minnie Mouse Plushie in a Park // Healthier Baby Today

The arrival of a newborn in your family is one of the best feelings in life. Photographing your little one in a photoshoot is a beautiful way of documenting your baby’s innocence, beauty, and their features. These tips will ensure a great photoshoot session.

How to Create the Best Newborn Photoshoot

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Timing is Everything

The best time for a newborn photoshoot is within the first two weeks of life. Babies are usually less active and more cooperative during this stage, making posing for photographs easier. They are natural posers, especially when curled up in a ball, and can be photographed to look like they just came out of the womb.

Tip: Organise photos to be taken during pregnancy, ensuring the photographer is free at this vital time.

Choosing the Right Photographer

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If you decide to take professional photos, the most important thing is to pick the right photographer. Look for a professional with experience in newborn photography as they will know how delicate the job is, and they will not harm your little one in any way.

Tip: Look at portfolios and read reviews to identify a suitable photographer. Always inquire about their experience and the measures they take to ensure client safety and comfortability.

Preparing for the Photoshoot

Setting the Scene

Playing music at home or in a small studio is incredibly beneficial. It creates a comfortable and calm environment. The environment must be warm (approximately 80°F) to prevent the child from getting cold while changing clothes.

Tip: Always use ambient natural light. If you are placing your setup near a large window, close the curtains or, better yet, use a sheer light curtain to soften the light.

Styling and Props

Sticking to the natural theme when taking pictures reduces the chances of the baby being overshadowed by colorful toys and fancy baby clothes. Soft fabrics should be used for blankets and wraps; less showy headbands or hats will suffice. Lilac, beige, white, creams, muted browns, pale greens, blues, and grays usually photograph best and look timeless, elegant, and straightforward.

Tip: Personal items such as a blanket or family jewelry add a unique touch.

Preparing Your Baby

Photoshoots go smoothly when you have a sleepy baby. Have several sessions in a day where the infant can feed and be held for comfort purposes. 

Tip: Avoid shaking, instead stroke the baby’s back softly or hum a lullaby to make them sleep. 

Capturing the Perfect Shot

Posing Tips

Most of the time, babies don’t mind poses. Some of the common poses are the ‘tush up’ pose, which is when the baby is placed on their tummy with legs drawn in, and the ‘froggy’ pose where the back of the baby’s hands rests by its face.

Safety Note: Always ensure that your baby is safe when doing these poses.

Photography Tips

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  • Lighting: Ensure the location offers natural lighting. Do not use a flash on your camera..
  • Angles: If the baby is in a stroller, chair, crib, or playpen, take the time to get down on your knee to be at their level. Take pictures in various positions – sitting on a higher position and taking close-up images. 
  • Focus on Details: Newborns grow so fast so take pictures of their little feet, hands, nails, and eyelashes. These pictures will be treasured as they grow.
  • Patience is Key: Babies can be unpredictable, especially newborns. Make to feed them regulary , change their diapers, and comfort the baby when needed.

Creating Lasting Memories

Photo Albums and Prints

Keep your beautiful photos from sitting on a hard drive! Print out your favorite ones and put them in an album, or make a photocopy and hang them in different places in your home. These are beautiful keepsakes.

Sharing with Loved Ones

It’s such a beautiful time so share it with loved ones.

Tip: Create a personal photo gallery only for the parents with options for selected family members to view their most loved photos.


Girl In Yellow Dress Covering Her Face With Her Hands // Healthier Baby Today

A newborn photoshoot is one of the sweetest gifts to oneself because it lets you capture those precious early days. When deciding, it is essential to establish a comfortable atmosphere and avoid experimenting too much. Go book that photoshoot and have fun!