Adorable Transformations: Toddler Boy Haircut Styles

Cutting your kid’s hair can be exciting! There are so many styles to choose from for boys, but what’s actually important when cutting their hair? Many parents take their toddler to a barber or salon. What’s the difference? Don’t worry. Our guide is full of helpful tips, ranging from haircut styles to choosing a salon or barber. Let’s get started! 

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Short Hair 

Short haircuts ensure a fuss-free toddler. Who wants hair in their kid’s eyes and face? This style is perfect for those looking for maintainable hair. 

Here is a list of popular short haircut styles:

  • Classic crew cut
  • Textured crop
  • Side sweep
  • Buzz cut

Busy parents and energetic toddlers prefer these styles as they do not require them to go to the salon or barber frequently. 

Medium Length Hair

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This hair type is ideal if you are looking for hair that is easy to maintain and also can be styled. Those with short hair easily get cold in the winter and do not have a lot of protection from the sun. No more sunscreen for your little one. 

Here are some cute hairstyles for you to try:

  • Classic taper cut
  • Shaggy layers
  • Surfer hair
  • Messy bedhead

Long Hair

Other length hairstyles require you to go to the barber quite often, but that won’t be the case anymore. If you are looking for a length that you’ll be able to change frequently, this is perfect. You can braid and tie their hair up in many different ways. Convinced already? 

Let’s look at a few long-hair options: 

  • Shaggy cut
  • Long layers
  • The long bob (lob)

Factors to Consider

There are lots of cute styles to choose from but your hair type and face shape matters. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons as to why down below.

Hair type

Not all toddlers have the same hair types. While most have straight hair, there are hair types like wavy and curly. A buzz cut works very well with straight hair, while a surfer cut works better with wavy hair. Curly hair is difficult to manage, but certain hairstyles can help with that like the Curly Fro.

Face Shape

Let’s go one step further and look at face shapes. Face shapes can be divided into three categories. They are oval, round, and square. A high fade works very well with a round face shape. The side part will work with a square face, and a long layered cut will be perfect for an oval face. 

Practical Tips for Haircut Success

Preparing for a Haircut

Parenting experts say that haircuts can feel like a breeze if you prepare. But what does that include? Toddlers don’t understand most things like us, so explaining is important. Remember, we want this to be seen as a positive thing. A cool way to show them is by cutting a doll’s hair, or you could show them a video. This just helps them grasp what it is and helps them feel more at ease. 

Some parents go the extra mile and take their toddler to the barber or salon before the actual appointment, but it is not required. 

Choosing a Salon or Barber

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The environment is just as important as the haircut. You want your toddler to feel at ease. There are many kid-friendly salons and barbers. Family and friends can be a great help if you are unsure where to go. 

Maintaining the Haircut

Maintaining involves quality products, the right brush, and a good routine. What is right for your kid is not necessarily right for the next. You need to look at hair types and hairstyles. 

Use these three if your toddler has curly hair:

  • Wide-Tooth comb
  • Soft Bristle brush
  • Detangling brush

Use a soft bristle brush for straight or wavy hair. It works for all three hair types! A detangling brush would also be a great fit because wavy hair is so close to curly hair. 

It’s recommended that they brush their hair every morning and night. Long hair is difficult to manage compared to short and medium-length hair. The best thing to do is to braid or tie long hair. 


Child in Yellow Crew Neck Shirt // Healthier Baby Today

Want a stylish hairstyle for your kid? There are many to choose from. Just remember to match it to their face shape and hair type. Curly hair is the most difficult to work with, so choose a hairstyle that will make it easier. The most popular hairstyle for curly hair is the Curly Fro. It’s a natural, low-maintenance hairstyle. Preparing can make things really easy for you and your toddler. Go that extra mile for your toddler to ensure a happy, calm tot. Go make that appointment; you have the best tips and tricks! What more do you need?

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