Screen Time: Not All Bad – Insights from Kaley Cuoco

Any newbie mom understands how valuable the opportunity to take a break may be. Kaley Cuoco, with a 9-month-old baby named Matilda, is a new mother who understands this very well. She shares parenting advice she has learned thus far, including her favorite “hack” for obtaining much-needed downtime.

Screen time is a Triggering Phrase for Some

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Cuoco gave her advice in an interview with USA Today, but she also mentioned that she was aware that some mothers would not agree with it.

“Some people are going to hate on me for that. Don’t care,” she remarked, disclosing that screen time is her inflexible “parenting hack.” “My daughter’s seen every Disney movie and loves it!”

Hey, we all know the drill. Slipping in Frozen or Coco is your golden ticket to a blissful two hours of tranquility with a baby or toddler. And let’s be honest, despite the screen time debates, sometimes you crave those two hours of peace. Although, in Cuoco’s world, it’s more like a solid 10 minutes. Baby attention spans, am I proper?

She talked about how when her little one starts acting up, she’ll plop her on the couch with a Disney movie, giving her 10 minutes of relief. Grinning, she said, “That’s great. To me, that’s wonderful.” She mentioned that she understands some moms might have a different stance on TV time for kids, but it’s the perfect solution for her and her child.

Cuoco said that she and Matilda have been enjoying quality time together in front of the TV as they have been re-discovering old favorites and viewing new ones. She mentioned how much she enjoys “experiencing this whole thing with her.”

Pro-Screen Time Parents

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Some folks argue that spending too much time in front of screens is better than some make it out to be, although only a few openly endorse the idea. Many in this group believe that compared to traditional methods, screens improve the connection between students and teachers, making learning more approachable and relatable. This school year, screens became a lifeline. With students learning from home and others needing to keep a safe distance from instructors and peers, screens played a crucial role in every student’s daily routine. Things might never go back to how they were before the pandemic brought about this surge in screen time. Some even argue that they shouldn’t.

No-Screen Time Parents

Opponents of screen time argue that it isolates students from other students. They believe that screens cause mental health problems, which include depression and a rise in suicidal thoughts. According to several studies, children are more likely to experience these problems the more screen time they have. According to one study, the increase in technology use in homes and schools after 2010 is related to the rise in teen suicide. The data analysts advise spending your time on other activities. They claim children should be involved in hands-on, screen-free sports and visual arts activities.

But What Do Experts Say?

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While researching, we found that the most successful experts don’t worry about how much time kids spend on digital devices.

Instead, they believe teaching these three skills will help kids become “screen smart”:

How To Evaluate Media

Explore and play games, apps, and websites with your children. Discuss shared ideals and concerns, and read the user agreement and reviews together. If an app or website appears fraudulent or promotes poor morals, talk about why you think so and how it would affect your choice to use it. They will learn about acceptable media use during these conversations.

How To Draw Screen Boundaries

Have a family gathering to build a digital road map if you have too little control over your children’s screen time or want to set some expectations and guidelines.

You can develop rules that strike a balance, instruct your children in responsible screen usage, and help prevent some of the potentially harmful consequences.

You may want to talk about the following:

  • Will there be a “media curfew,” after which all electronic devices must be downstairs in one central spot to reduce sleep loss?
  • To reduce anxiety about safety: Where will children be able to use electronics? Will devices have parental locks installed?
  • Will your children need your consent before using screens to reduce arguments?
  • Allow your children to contribute their ideas and explain how their use of technology will also fit into the roadmap.

How To Use Screens For Good

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Teach your children that technology and screens are not inherently “bad” influences. They can also be resources for growth, learning, and connection.

Get your kids some educational applications and games, and ask them to consider if they are utilizing technology for good.

Ask them, “What did you learn?” after they’ve spent some time on their phone. Or “With whom did you speak? What is happening in their lives?

Screens are tools; depending on how they are utilized, just like any other instrument, they can be beneficial or detrimental. Helping children learn to use them in positive and healthy ways should be our aim as parents.

What Do We Say?

Do you know the whole screen time debate? It’s not all doom and gloom. Whether it’s good or bad for kids depends on how much and what they’re watching. In today’s world, screens are everywhere – they’re not just a luxury but a part of everyday life. Educational apps, fun videos, and games can boost a kid’s brainpower. Screens can be like a secret weapon for learning and creativity. Of course, balance is critical. Letting kids explore the digital world is cool, but making sure they play outside, hang out with friends, and get enough sleep is just as important. It’s all about finding that sweet spot and being a guide in this tech-filled journey. 

The Truth 

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One thing is sure in the ongoing discussion surrounding screen time: things are not always black and white. The always-endearing new mother Kaley Cuoco has revealed some parenting secrets, saying that screen time is her go-to “hack.” Besides, who can blame her? The hectic world of raising a 9-month-old like Matilda can be entirely changed by a few quiet minutes spent watching a Disney film. Although not everyone may agree with Cuoco’s style, that is the beautiful thing about parenting—every family’s needs are different and distinctive. She said in an open interview that her daughter has nearly earned a Ph.D. in Disney movies, and they savor every second of it.

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