Maximizing Potential: Gentle Care with 15 Baby Oil Uses

Would you like to learn about additional baby oil uses? We have 15! Baby oil is a well known product amongst new or soon to be parents. Receiving it as a baby shower gift is bound to happen. Some new parents may wonder what it’s actually used for, and, if you just had a baby, you may still be wondering if it’s safe for use on your own baby’s skin. Let’s find out!

What Is Baby Oil and is it Safe?

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Baby oil, in all its glory, was designed to moisturise and protect your little one’s skin from dryness when it’s at its most delicate. Your baby will lose moisture up to 2x faster than adults in their early months of life

So, the verdict? It is an excellent choice. By using baby oil in your daily routine, you are protecting your little one’s skin from dryness as well as keeping it soft and moisturised.

How Should I Use Baby Oil?

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As mentioned above, baby oil is used to moisturise your baby’s skin. When you bath your baby, they tend to lose some natural oils. For this oil to be most effective, it’s recommended that the oil be used straight after a bath. This will ensure that all moisture is locked in and your baby’s skin is left soft and supple. 

If you’re looking for more uses for baby oil, consider giving your baby a massage. Baby massages is a great way to help you and your little one bond. It relaxes them and could help release tension, stimulate blood circulation as well as improve digestion. The I love you massage is often used with the oil, and is considered excellent for cramp relief as well as easing wind, colic and constipation. The oil is just a bonus, protecting the skin one last time. 

If you’d like to introduce baby massages into your routine, it’s best by choosing a time when your little one is happy and most alert and isn’t hungry or just been fed

A Quick Guide to Baby Massages:

  • Prevent your baby from falling by placing them on a towel on the ground. 
  • Clean your hands with warm water to heat them up before applying some baby oil. 
  • Start your baby massage with gentle stroking movements so as to not overwhelm your little one and get them used to the sensation. 
  • Keep this up for 5 minutes. 

Five minutes is more than enough time, but as your baby grows you can introduce it for longer. 

15 Additional Baby Oil Uses

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Baby Oil is a versatile product that can be used for moisturising dads dry elbows to even removing mom’s makeup! There are several other usesl, it’s often considered a money saver in many households! Take a look at a few other baby oil uses:

  1. Soothed Cracked Heels

Believe it or not, baby oil has an impressive effect on cracked heels. The moisturising and repairing qualities of the oil promotes healing. Who knew it could be so versatile!

  1. Remove Rings

We’ve all been in a situation where a ring needed removing, baby oil works great for that. Just be sure to get the oil all around the ring so ensure a smooth glide off. 

  1. DIY Shaving Gel

Let’s face it, as a new parent, shaving is the last thing you think about. Especially when you remembered the baby oil, but forgot your shaving gel! But fear not, it can be used to replace shaving gels. It moisturises while you shave and could help prevent any bumps or redness.

  1. Remove Temporary Tattoos

All kids go through the temporary tattoo phase. It usually only lasts one, maybe two washes until it becomes an ugly blob. Rubbing the oil over the temporary tattoo and wiping it down with a cloth should remove it nicely.

  1. Perfect for a Manicure

Before you paint your nails, carefully trace around your cuticles with a baby oil-soaked cotton ball. This will assist keep your polish from oozing out the sides.  You can also use the oill to clean up any unintentional spills.

  1. Clean Your Shower Curtain

Mildew loves to hang out on your shower curtain, regardless of how diligently you clean. Scrub your curtain or shower door with a small amount of baby oil to remove any yuckiness. Rinse with water, then wipe away to prevent slipping.

  1. Detangle necklaces

You put your favorite pendant in your handbag a few days ago, and now it’s knotted up. No worries, rub a drop or two of oil on the knot and use a straight pin to untangle it. Doesn’t this sound too easy?

  1. Shine Steel Appliances

Little sticky fingers are everywhere. PSA: your refrigerator is filthy. To get rid of fingerprint smudges and stains, wipe stainless steel with a soft cloth and a small amount of oil. This method also works on Chrome.

  1. Create a Hydrating Bath

Time for selfcare? Pour a small amount of oil into the bathtub for a delightful, skin-softening soak. Just make sure to rinse the tub afterward to remove any greasy residue that could cause someone to fall.

  1. Degrease Hands

You worked on your car, and your hands now appear to be covered with what looks like squid ink. Don’t try to remove the grease with soap and water. This will strip your hands of their natural oils resulting in dry, cracked skin. Instead, dab some of the oil into your hands to remove grease and keep them moisturised.

  1. Lubricate Wood

Have a sticky drawer or squeaky door that’s driving you crazy? Simply use a drop or two of baby oil to lubricate the hinges.

  1. DIY Pedicure

Want to give yourself a pedicure at home but don’t have enough time? Don’t worry, a few drops of baby oil on top of your polish will help it dry faster and stay smudge-free. 

  1. Remove Band Aids

Ripping off a band-aid is unsettling, especially for children. Make things easier by applying baby oil to the area around the bandage, waiting a few minutes, and then removing it smoothly. One, two, three, the band aid removal was pain free!

  1. Oh and the Stickers

Toddlers and stickers are something similar to fuel and fire. Your furniture, their canvas. Kids need to explore, and learn natural consequences. Baby oil removes stickers from everything, and the kicker? Your kid can help! What a way to teach them cause and effect. Stickers stay in designated sticker areas!

  1. Ugh, and Bubblegum

Getting a huge wad of gum stuck in your hair is essentially a rite of passage for children. Before you grab the scissors, dab some baby oil into the gum strands. You may need to wait a few minutes before using your fingers to carefully peel the gum out of the hair. Repeat until the gum is gone. 

The Best Gift

Baby Oil Uses, Small Feet of a Baby being washed // Healthier Baby Today

Baby oil is a must on any mom’s gift registry. It can be used for life, and has so many benefits that no one would want to go without! From shooting baby skin to removing makeup and bubblegum. It really is the way to go!

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