Diaper Party: A Celebration for Dad-to-Be!

Are you a soon-to-be father looking forward to a little one? If so, you might get invited to a diaper party as the honored guest! Diaper parties are getting more and more common, giving dads an enjoyable or heartfelt way to commemorate the birth of their child. Diaper parties celebrate new dads, unlike traditional baby showers typically hosted for expecting moms or both parents. This post will define diaper parties and provide ideas like themes, activities, and menu items. Additionally, you can download and print several free templates for diaper party invitations. So, continue reading for ideas for a diaper party!

What Is a Diaper Party?

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A diaper party is a baby shower for the father and his pals. It’s a celebration of the impending birth of a new baby and its parents—in this case, the father! It’s just like a baby shower!

What’s the name of a baby shower for men? Other terms for a male baby shower for guys are:

  • daddy diaper party
  • beer and diaper party
  • diaper keg party
  • Daddy shower.
  • dadchelor party
  • man shower
  • baby shower for men

Since diaper parties are often relatively informal, there aren’t many hard and fast rules. However, you are welcome to follow the customary baby shower protocol.

The term “diaper party” comes from the fact that the dad’s friends typically send diapers to the baby shower instead of gifts from a registry. Contributing to a diaper stash is another more contemporary choice; we go into more detail about this in our section on Gifts. Even while a male baby shower often requires far less organizing than a baby shower, you can go above and beyond with your ideas. You have the option!

Who Throws a Party?

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Similar to a baby shower, the diaper party could be thrown by a close friend or relative of the soon-to-be father. The host organizes the activities and food, chooses a location, and sends out invitations to the dads-to-be’s friends and relatives (usually just men, but women are welcome if you opt for a mixed party).

If it’s not a surprise diaper party, the host can discuss the best date and guest list with the soon-to-be father. After learning who hosts the party, continue reading to learn more about organizing one.

Themes and Decorations

Diaper parties usually have little to no décor and a simple theme. Therefore, keep things straightforward if you believe it will satisfy the soon-to-be father. Alternatively, you might go with the familiar subject of beer and diapers or center your theme around something the soon-to-be father is interested in. Here are some ideas for diaper parties:

  • Diapers and beer: You can personalize this well-liked diaper party theme idea as you’d like. For instance, attendees might play drinking games, drink beer from baby bottles, or hang around and enjoy a few drinks. This celebration might be held at a friend’s home, the dad’s preferred brewery, or even a pub. Remember to decorate the diaper cake (a cake composed of diapers) and consider including beer cans to tie in with your theme.
  • Sports: If the soon-to-be father enjoys playing sports, you may center your theme around his preferred team or sport. You may serve standard stadium fare, dress in team colors, set up a TV game watch party at your neighborhood sports bar, or decorate or wear team gear.
  • Baby-Q: Enjoy burgers, beer, and baby chat over a classic BBQ to keep your diaper party low-key! When people see what’s grilling, they won’t even consider decorating!

Party Games

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Other games or activities could be included in the diaper party, in addition to drinking games or just hanging out with the guys. Here are a few to think about planning:

  • Diaper change challenge: Players race to change a baby’s diaper in this entertaining game. Newborn diapers, baby wipes, and plush toys are necessities. For a challenge, you could even attempt it while wearing a blindfold.
  • Raffle tickets are given to attendees for each diaper pack they bring to the celebration for the dad or for every donation they make to the Diaper Stash. The diaper party raffle draw will allow ticket holders to win minor items. Of course, the parents will also get an abundance of diapers for their new baby!
  • Sports: Your guests might appreciate participating in sports throughout the party if you aim for a sports theme. You could play football, basketball, bowling, golf, table tennis, etc., depending on where you are and how many others are coming.
  • Board games: If your diaper party is for a smaller group of guys, you might make it into a game night with entertaining board games or poker. Why not enter a prize-giving game?

Food Ideas

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An easy, delicious, fuss-free dish is typically served at a diaper party in keeping with the theme and activities of the event. Here are some suggestions for diaper party cuisine to think about:

  • Who doesn’t enjoy a good backyard BBQ? Grilled burgers, hot dogs, and ribs are always a hit, and any vegetarian visitors can’t go wrong with the vegan selections. You can finish with extra sides like corn, coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salad, or grilled veggies.
  • You may have pizza delivered to the guests or even have a pizza-making activity during the celebration.
  • Offering some simple and quick snacks, including platters of vegetables, cheese, meat, chips, and pretzels, is a simple solution.
  • You could bake a cake with decorations to go with your theme or create cookies or cupcakes. Two examples are cupcakes with a diaper theme or cookies shaped like a pint of beer.

You might also decide to go to the soon-to-be father’s preferred restaurant or bar or hire a caterer.


Guests frequently ask what to bring to a diaper party. A diaper party requires visitors to get diapers as gifts for dads instead of a baby shower, often including a gift registry for guests. Every new parent needs this practical present, which is also simple for guests to accept.

However, the size of diapers you bring to a diaper party matters a lot since you want the parents to receive an assortment that is manageable for their child. It’s a good idea to find out what size diapers the parents want their guests to bring if you’re throwing the diaper party. You may even customize the diaper party invites with the desired size. The parents would prefer a range of sizes, from newborn to more extensive possibilities.

The Bottom Line

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A diaper party is a fun way to commemorate the impending arrival of a new child. You can have the ideal diaper party for you and the men with these amusing themes, activities, food ideas, and awesome diaper party invitation templates. Gather your friends and prepare for an unforgettable “dadchelor” party, regardless of whether you want a theme or a more laid-back atmosphere!

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