7 Christmas Art Activities for Infants: Festive Fun for Little Artists

Looking for festive art activities for your little one? We’ve got 7! Christmas is a magical season during which infants can have as much fun as adults when included in festive art activities. Encouraging children to engage in simple, creative Christmas art activities helps to unlock their imagination and appreciate the holiday mood. This shared time between parents, caregivers, and even early childhood educators could be one of such moments that encourage the child’s creativity and sensory development. This blog post has several ideas for safe and enjoyable small Christmas-themed art projects perfect for little hands.

Infant Christmas Art Activities

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  1. Finger Painting Festive Trees

Finger painting festive trees provides a joyful experience and is a simple art activity suitable for babies during Christmas celebrations. All you need to start is green paint on your fingers, a big piece of paper, and some imaginative inspiration. Place the sheet on a flat surface and fix it with tape to ensure it is intact.

When the outline of the tree is done, other colors of finger paints may be introduced as an addition. For example, let your infant include different colored spots as decorations and probably one yellow dot at the top representing stars. They improve their motor skills, touch things with various textures, and find out what different shades look like.

  1. Handprint Reindeer Crafts

Handprint reindeer crafts are beautiful ways to remember the celebration of Christmas with infants. The process is quite accessible since all that will be required is brown paint, large pieces of paper, and markers or stickers to decorate the reindeer. Start by coloring your baby’s hand with brown paint, then help him or her press it on the sheet to form the head and antlers of the reindeer. His fingers wide open should look like those antlers.

Once the handprint has dried, use markers to draw eyes, a nose, and a mouth on its face for the deer. For example, one may use stickers or small craft items like googly eyes to convert this creature into something more Christmasy. It is good for their fine motor skills development and eye-hand coordination. Also, it serves as an adorable treasure that will remind parents of their child’s first Christmas as he grows up alongside a picture of his tiny hand-print reindeer.

  1. Easy Christmas Ornaments

Interestingly, you can engage infants in holiday art activities by letting them make simple Christmas ornament crafts. One such way to do this is by making salt dough ornaments, which are pretty easy. Necessary ingredients include flour, salt, and water. To make a dough, mix one cup of flour with half a cup of salt, then gradually add half a cup of water until it forms. Roll out your dough before allowing your toddler to cut shapes like Christmas trees, stars, or bells using cookie cutters. To hang at each top part after drying them, boreholes using straws.

They should be baked in the oven at low temperature until they become hard. When fully cooled, allow your child to paint these ornaments with non-toxic paint. You may also combine a few drops of glittering powder with stickers to give them a decorative touch.

  1. Festive Footprint Art Ideas

During the festive season, footprint art ideas can capture your baby’s priceless early years while still celebrating the occasion. One simple but exciting activity is making footprint mistletoe. Starting with a large piece of paper, green paint, and red bows will do just fine here. Apply green paint all over the feet and soles of your newly born babies, then press them gently onto the paper so that their heels overlap each other to form the mistletoe leaves.

Footprint snowmen are also unique crafts for kids. Use white paint to cover your child’s foot and then make imprints on dark-colored papers. Once dry, add decorations using markers or stickers, such as an eyes’ button nose and carrot ones. Finish off drawing for a snowman, an extra hat, and a scarf to wear anytime he feels cold outside! These track crafts are easy, making them suitable keepsakes to treasure forever.

  1. Colorful Christmas Collage Activities

These are perfect ways to develop creativity among our infants during festive seasons through sensory experiences, especially when it comes to collages done in bright colors related to Christmas themes. Collect materials like colored tissue paper, glitter, stickers, and cotton balls, among others, including pieces left from wrapping beautiful presents for children at Christmas time. A large piece of solid paper or cardstock, baby and toddler-safe glue, plus some patience are needed.

It is now your job to cut or make these materials into pieces that are easy to handle. After this, you can start gluing the stiff paper and let your baby assist in putting the different items used for collages on its sticky blue surface. Let these infants feel their festive look in different shapes and colors while creating. You may ask them to make things like Christmas tree stockings or snowmen, while others may follow their instincts.

  1. Tissue Paper Wreath Creations

This uncomplicated craft is designed to make tissue paper wreaths for tiny tots during the holiday season. Green tissue papers, a paper plate, baby-safe glue, and other decorative items like red ribbon, pompons, or stickers will be necessary during this exercise. Begin by cutting out the center of the paper plate where the wreath should be placed. Cut green tissue papers into smaller squares so little hands can easily use them.

Teach your child to tear up bits of tissue paper and help him stick them on the whole plate surface, covering it completely. This scrunching activity enhances fine motor skills. Once covered, leave it open for your child to put on some extra items around it before adding a big red ribbon bow at its top ending point, thus creating a festive feeling.

  1. Cookie Cutter Paint Prints

Cookie-cutter paint prints are a simple yet delightful craft activity for infants and toddlers alike during holidays. Collect different cookie cutters with holiday themes like stars, trees, snowflakes, non-poisonous paints in festive hues, and several large sheets of paper to get started. Put these paints in shallow trays or plates so little hands can quickly dip in the cookie cutters.

Demonstrate to your baby how to immerse the cutter in the paint before pressing it onto paper to create bright, lively prints. Encourage them to try different colors and shapes and layer them to create unique patterns and designs. Through this task, they can develop fine motor skills alongside hand-eye coordination while allowing room for artistic expression.


Holiday crafts can be introduced to infants at the age of six months. In this early stage, it is important to keep such activities simple and age-appropriate, such as using non-toxic paints or large, easily graspable objects. As they grow, you can gradually increase the complexity of the crafts by including more detailed projects, like simple paper decorations or basic clay modeling.

How do I make sure that my baby will not be hurt while making things?

Use child-safe, non-poisonous materials while completing any child’s artwork. Be close during all art activities to ensure they are conducted safely, and avoid using small parts that might pose choking hazards.

Can any adaptations be made to these holiday crafts for toddlers or older children?

Of course! Many of these crafts can be adapted with more complex tasks and additional steps to match toddlers’ and older children’s skill levels and interests. For instance, you can introduce more intricate cutting patterns and layering techniques or even incorporate basic sewing elements.


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I hope these holiday craft ideas bring joy and creativity to your celebrations with your infant. Engaging in these simple yet delightful art activities helps develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and fosters a deeper connection and cherished memories. These moments of shared creativity offer an excellent opportunity to introduce festive traditions and create lasting mementos that will be treasured for years. Don’t forget to always prioritize safety through using child-safe materials and monitoring closely. Here’s to an enjoyable, jolly, and art-filled holiday season with your toddler! May love, laughter, and beautiful handmade decorations fill your home this holiday season!

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