First Time Mom Must Haves: The Ultimate Gift Basket

Bringing home your bundle of joy can conjure many emotions, especially for first-time mothers. A gift basket tailored to mom and baby essentials can go a long way toward helping a new mom adjust and ease into motherhood. That being said, this guide will assist friends, family, and new parents learn about the items they should have as they take good care of their baby and themselves. 

What is Gift Baskets for New Moms?

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A gift basket for new mothers is a beautiful and thoughtful way to help ease postpartum burdens and care for both mom and baby. It consists of a vessel such as a basket, or many people like to be creative and use something more practical, such as a tiny baby tub. This gift not only consists of baby items, such as wipes, powders, clothes, etc. but is also a wonderful way to ensure mom is cared for by adding certain treats and self-care products. Which, as we know, after birth will be essential.

New Parents Gift Basket Ideas

There is an endless list of baby items to choose from, and although some may seem cute or novice, they aren’t necessarily needed. A gift basket for new parents should consist of practical, essential, and sensible products. 

List of First Time Mom Must Haves

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1. All Things for a Clean Bottom

Diapers are undoubtedly one of the most valuable items you can purchase for new parents. They need plenty and will continuously need them for a good while. It can become costly as new parents buy and gather the much-needed things for their new bundle. 

Helping out by adding in diapers can be a massive relief for mom and dad. However, diapers aren’t the only item needed for changing diapers; wipes, powders, and diaper rash creams are also good options. Important to note is the size of diapers needed and to make sure the wipes and diaper rash creams are for the appropriate age; it is also best to go scent-free and hypoallergenic. 

2. Breastfeeding with Comfort

As beautiful as breastfeeding is, it can be challenging, especially for first-time moms. It can come with discomfort, leakage, painful and chapped nipples, irritability, and stress. They may swap out nursing soothers such as nipple butter and nursing pillows or bras for items the baby needs. 

So, by including products that will help ease breastfeeding time, you will surely hear mom sigh with relief. Other items include nursing bras and tops, a neck rest pillow, nursing pads, breastmilk storage bags, public nursing covers, and supplements. 

3. Snuggly Blankets and Swaddles

There can never be enough swaddles and blankets for newborns and babies. Nappy leaks, milk spills, and spit-up will have parents going through blankets almost as quickly as diapers. Swaddles help babies feel safe, warm, and comforted, which results in better sleep. 

Because babies, especially newborns, tend to spend a lot of time asleep, ensuring they have soft, quality, and shedless blankets will provide a peaceful slumber. Choose blankets that are the right size for the baby and will not shed any fabric strands, as this can potentially cause issues for the little one. Try opting for soft and sturdy materials to keep the baby warm even on the coldest days. 

4. Baby Clothes Basics

As we mentioned, babies can be messy, especially as they get older. They also tend to outgrow their clothes sooner than expected. Adding baby clothes to your gift basket also helps relieve the parents’ financial stress.

The best thing is to buy items for now and later. This will help parents in the present and future when their tot becomes a toddler. Good options include booties, socks, warm and cool onesies, hats, vests, and hand covers.

5. Baby Bath Essentials

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Bathing can be a fun experience for both baby and parent. Because it’s a daily occurrence, adding bath and cleaning items to your basket can be super helpful. Choose gentle and nourishing products for their delicate, sensitive skin. Therefore, getting a gentle baby wash during bath time is essential.

Hypoallergenic and unscented options are preferable because they reduce the risk of skin irritation. Towels should always be as soft as possible and absorbent to keep the baby comfortable and warm after bath time. Look for hooded towels, which provide extra warmth and help dry the baby quickly.

6. Keep Baby’s Skin Nourished and Healthy

After being protected for several months, a baby’s skin is delicate and vulnerable. This is why it must be looked after properly. After all, it will be the skin they live in. Babies’ skin is prone to dryness, so applying lotion after baths will help nourish and protect their skin’s natural barrier as it develops. 

Adding skin products for both mom and baby is a sure way to give them a much-needed necessity and ensure their skin’s needs are cared for. This is a tender time for them both; a lotion with soothing and safe properties will be great.

7. Comfortable Loungewear for Mom

A must-have addition to gift baskets for new moms is comfortable loungewear. Perfect fabrics include soft cotton-blend materials or bamboo blends, which provide gentle comfort on sensitive skins. Robes with loose lounge pants are good choices since they can easily be put on, which is excellent for tired moms with postpartum quirks. Some loungewear sets have support systems, like breastfeeding layers or nursing bras.

8. Sleep Time Soothers

A calm and functional nursery environment is essential for the baby’s comfort and sleep quality. A nightlight is a vital addition to any nursery, as it gives the room a dim glow that allows parents to see during nighttime feedings or diaper changes without disturbing the baby too much. Another good idea is a white noise machine, which can help muffle loud household sounds and mimic the swishing they heard while in mom’s womb.


What should I look for when choosing baby clothes?

When selecting clothes for babies, choose cotton or bamboo because they feel soft and allow air circulation. Avoid clothing that contains chemicals and dyes since this may lead to some allergies.

How often should I bathe my newborn?

Due to sensitive skin that can quickly dry out, newborns only need to be bathed thrice weekly. Focus on cleaning their face, neck, and diaper area daily. Use mild, tear-free baby wash and gentle lotion.

Are white noise machines useful?

White noise machines are helpful for babies because they mask sounds that might interrupt their slumber. They create an environment similar to what the baby hears in the womb throughout pregnancy. Look for machines with sound options, such as rain or heartbeat.


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Thoughtfully selecting items that cater to both the comfort of the baby and the new mother can provide relief during this period. Your tailored gift baskets for new moms will be practical and heartfelt, helping them in their journey. You can’t go wrong with this!

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